Certified High Performance Coach, Karyn Amore Shares Her Insights

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Karyn’s clients are tech savvy men and women who struggle to connect with others in meaningful ways. They come to Karyn when they are ready to up their self-confidence so that they can enjoy satisfying relationships and consistently perform at higher levels in all they do.

From a very young age Karyn knew she was here to inspire and teach others how to have unshakeable self-esteem and deep authentic relationships. Being a mom of two boys who love video games she understands the excitement and pitfalls of all the stimulus available online. She knows as humans we need real connection with others to thrive and perform at our best. She is 111% committed to every client she works with discovering and achieving their mission possible, and her clients tell her she’s really awesome to work with. Also, she’s one of only 200 elite Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world.

Some fun things about Karyn: Yes her last name truly is Amore! She loves taking long solo walks and talking to animals and flowers, and is one of those weird people who actually enjoys public speaking.

She’s writing her full story including more of the deep challenges she’s overcome in her upcoming book.

She had a fantastic time getting her B.A. from UC Berkeley and is dedicated to lifelong study of relationship, psychology, physiology, conscious leadership and human potential. After 11 years in Europe (si, parla Italiano), she came back to California and worked for my alma mater and was part of a small team that raised more than $6M for graduate fellowships. She’s also a certified KRI Yoga instructor and Interchange Counseling Institute graduate. When Karyn’s not joyfully serving her RAAM ANAND et. al. 158 clients, she’s probably out walking in nature or watching one of her two sons play soccer.

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