Anil Shetty, Time Investor and Social Entrepreneur

Published on July 6, 2016 by Admin

Ten years ago, Anil Shetty came to the city from Kundapura taluk in Udupi district to pursue his engineering degree. Like most people in the city, he witnessed a number of problems – from grumpy autorickshaw drivers to overworked policemen, who are not always in the best of mood. But unlike others who endlessly complained about this, Mr. Shetty decided to do something about it.

He dropped out of college to become an entrepreneur. Two years ago, he started the ‘Peace Auto’ initiative in an attempt to improve the quality of public transport system in Bengaluru and the quality of life of autorickshaw drivers.

What started as a small experiment in his neighbourhood soon became one of the most important campaigns in the city.

Today, around 500 Peace Auto drivers ferry around 8,000 people on a daily basis. A Peace Auto driver is one who doesn’t refuse to ply or charge excess fare. Over the past few months, many autorickshaw drivers have been appreciated for returning expensive items left behind by passengers.


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