About Stardom Show

Stardom Publishing proudly presents “The Stardom Radio” and “The Stardom Show“. These are short interviews and videos from industry thought-leaders and eminent entrepreneurs.

We seek and search EXPERTS in various topics and bring their message to our listeners and viewers worldwide.

These shows are aired at specific show times and are geared toward bringing the insights of achievers and business leaders. Interviewees share their secret strategies, useful resources and timely tips on their focused topics.

Who can get our shows?

We welcome achievers and topic experts in various industries for our shows. This includes authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners, inventors, marketers, consultants etc. We qualify using various parameters like personality, achievements, audience, social presence etc.

What can happen when you get on our show?

Well… the shows are aired at specific schedules, enabling listeners and viewers to watch the shows right when they are broadcast. Replays and links are shared on social networks, bloggers and podcast networks. Typically, if you have a message to the world, this is a way to spread your message. Apart from reaching your audience, you will also have a reputed third-party reference (citation) on you, which is very similar to getting your article published in a newspaper or magazine.

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