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    Writing a book is a professional skill and requires a lot of specialized training, study and practice. It’s time consuming too. Get your book written - 100% “Done-for-you”.

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    By becoming a published author, you set a very high standard and will be miles ahead of your competitors in terms of authority, reputation and instant credibility.

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    ...WITHOUT writing a word, thanks to the New Consultative Writing program. This is how celebrities write their books. Now you can become a celebrity, too.

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    Get publishing professionals to plan, write and publish your book within 12 weeks or less! You own the copyright and keep 100% of the royalties from your book.

Why is it important?

Today, it’s a new world… a new game and new rules apply. A published book is your business card in this new world. And, it’s easier than you think! Here are 6 big reasons WHY you must become a published author soon, as a proven strategy to become FAMOUS and WELL-KNOWN in your industry.

How It Works?

  • In this program, our writers will interview and consult you (multiple times, if required) and create a custom book that’s truly yours. Our writers will write all the content, proof read and copy edit your book.

  • Our professional designers will format your book, design a stunning cover and get it ready for publishing.

  • Then, our own publishing house — STARDOM Publishing, will publish your book in both digital (Amazon Kindle etc.) and Paperback editions. 100% royalties from your book goes to you.

  • You will be in the loop and in full involvement throughout the process. You will get to present your ideas, add or edit content or provide additional notes. In fact, you will be working closely with our Editor until you are finally satisfied about your new book.

  • This is a complete “done-for-you” service and we will take care of everything… from concept to published books in your hands (physical “real” copies of your book).


As part of this program, we do everything from start to publishing and you will have copies of your new book in your hands within 10-12 weeks.

  • Book Conceptualization/Planning

  • Professional Consultative Writing

  • Copy Editing/Proofreading

  • Stunning Book Cover Designing

  • Formatting for Print and Digital Publishing

  • Published from ‘Stardom Publishing’

  • Made Available on Amazon and other outlets

  • 100% Royalties Goes To You

  • Great Benefits of Being a Published Author

Impact on Influence

  • MEDIA 60%
  • BRANDING 75%

Raam Anand

Founder of Stardom Publishing

Raam Anand is an international speaker, serial entrepreneur and author of the book Desperate Marketers (available on Amazon). Raam has toured the world several times, setup offices in India, USA and Australia. He regularly speaks on stages around the world. Raam, is considered as an authority on digital marketing strategies, high performance coaching, entrepreneurship and expert positioning.

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Becoming a published AUTHOR is easier than ever! Thanks to our NEW Consultative Writing practices, you can become a published author in 12 weeks or less, if you apply right now. Similar (but mediocre) programs cost upwards of 8-10K for such work and they aren’t even close to what you get from the STAR AUTHOR PROGRAM. Everything is 100% “DONE-FOR-YOU”. Get started with the 1st step of the process by filling out the form below.

This is an INVITATION ONLY program that is not available for everybody. When you complete the Private Client Application below you’ll be able to schedule your private interview with Raam Anand, along with getting instructions on the next steps to becoming a published AUTHOR.

When you apply now, I guarantee that you will get a well-researched proposal that is totally CUSTOMIZED to your situation, expected outcome and goals. 100% no obligation. No credit card (or any payment whatsoever) required to apply for this ELITE program.



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This is a consultative writing approach and requires a great deal of time and effort from our writers and hence, we can only accept 6 projects per quarter. You will have to apply right now to qualify and if accepted, reserve your spot. There's no fee for applying but you have to hurry up. This means... you lose if you snooze! Hurry up and apply right now, and if accepted, you can signup for a spot to become an AUTHOR.

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